Bubble Guts, Vomit, Powdered Donuts & Panama - The Belichick Smirk & The Jim Romes

October 22, 2019

Frank, John & Scott get together this week to talk about bubble tummies, Frank's trip to Ace Con Chicago with his daughter Juliet, John's auto-vomitting, a curious case of powdered donuts, Scott's entrapment in Panama, that newly famous Bill Belichick smirk, and John and Scott try to convince Frank why baseball is worth watching with the World Series now upon us.

PLUS, a BONUS episode of the Frank Caliendo Cast 'Nerding Out' formerly known as Comic Playground where Frank, John & The Comic Playground Crew get together to discuss their favorite 'Jokers', Zack Colman gives a great TED Talk-esque dissertation on Pokemon Go and Brian Augustyn teaches Frank and John a little Flash '101'.