Major League marketing in the worlds of sports & comics w/Todd McFarlane

May 23, 2020

When Frank began getting "into" the world of comics he quickly became acquainted with artist and comic book creator/writer Todd McFarlane (@Todd_McFarlane of Image Comics, Spawn, The Amazing Spiderman). So in this episode Frank, joined by John Holmberg (@98KUPD), Scott Long (@Scott Comedy) dialed up Zoom for a conversation on what it's like to create iconic work, to go up against the juggernaut marketers of the 4 major pro sports leagues, to take on the giants of the comic books industry, and how it feels to overcome them all and carve out your own niche.

Later in the cast Steven Maurer (@TheMrMaurer) & Jon Mendte (@JonMendte) from the Welcome To Fireside Crew (@FiresideCrew) join in to ask the more pertinent and technically "nerdy" questions dealing with Todd's world of Image Comics and his character of Spawn. For the FULL segment with Todd & The Fireside guys click over to their website at

Todd's work can be found at the following links:
@toddmcfarlane on IG
@Todd_McFarlane on Twitter