April 30, 2020
Peak Performance And Maxing Out w/guest Ed Mylett

Frank, John, Scott & Shaun sat down for an inspirational and motivating chat with "success coach" Ed Mylett touching on everything from his low self esteem as a young athlete to finding his keys to success through studying successful people! Listen here or on YouTube at frankcaliendodotcom #caliendocast  

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April 28, 2020
Bill Walton, The Chupeecawbree, Herd Immunity & Jordan's Last Dance

Frank calls together the forces of the caliendocast and gathers John, Scott & Shaun to talk about Frank's recent Stugotz podcast appearance with Bill Walton, the creation of a new mythical creature, how Sweden is establishing herd immunity to coronavirus and thoughts on the first 4 episodes of the ESPN Michael Jordan docu-series 'The Last […]

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April 24, 2020
Inside An NFL Draft Room w/former NFL GM & Insider Michael Lombardi

In the midst of the 2020 NFL Draft Day 2, John, Frank, Scott & Shaun bring on former NFL GM and "insider" Michael Lombardi for a deep discussion on the inner workings of an NFL organization on Draft Day. Covering everything from player draft boards, to player character, to other metrics giving a glimpse that […]

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April 22, 2020
A Soul Baring Interview w/Bobby Lee

Frank, John, Scott, Toledo and Shaun fire up Zoom for a great sit down with actor/comedian Bobby Lee who bares his soul in recounting his and Frank's days as castmates on Fox's 'MADtv', going demoralizing auditions, the loss of his abusive father, addiction and more!

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April 19, 2020
Nary An Eff Given w/guest Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller is a comedy legend! And Frank was able to schedule some time with him on the podcast. So, joined by John & Scott, the four headed to Zoom and had an awesome talk about his career, his attitude toward life, comedy, pleasing people, contemporaries & so much more!

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April 16, 2020
Trying To Do Standup w/o A Live Audience & Radio In A Nervous World

Frank, John, Scott, Shaun, Toledo & Jose fire up the Zoom call machine for a discussion on what it's been like trying to carve out a comedic living when the live audience isn't there and trying to do a comedic radio show in an ever nervous world amid Covid-19 concerns and shelter-in-place orders.

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April 12, 2020
A Grand Meandering Journey w/guest, actor/comedian Jon Lovitz

Today's episode featuring a fantastic interview with actor/comedian Jon Lovitz, finds Frank & John as equal parts fanboy and contemporary in a discussion of all things comedy, acting, story telling, impressions and more! For reference the interview was recorded when Lovitz was in Phoenix performing at Stand Up Live and well before any of the […]

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April 6, 2020
BiPolar Headlines & Revisiting Bad 80's Action Movies From Our Covid Bunkers

Frank, John, Scott, Toledo, Jose & Shaun dial up another Zoom meeting to discuss beloved 80's action movies that just don't hold up under a current technology microscope and touch on the seemingly endless stream of Coronavirus news headlines as read by Larry King and Bill Walton. Plus Scott's selling Corona t-shirts and has a […]

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April 2, 2020
An Open Book On Athletics & Media w/guest Pat McAfee

Frank, John, Scott & Shaun once again head to the Zoom app and invite in their guest, former NFL Punter Pat McAfee, for a wide open discussion on everything from college recruitment, to trick plays and transitioning from a pro sports career to one in media and a whole lot more!

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March 30, 2020
A Masterclass in Impressions w/guest, actor/comedian Elon Gold

Frank, John & Scott, while continuing to hunker down amid the coronavirus shutdown, convene a Zoom "call" with actor/comedian/impressionist Elon Gold to discuss all manner of things from trying to nail down an impression to working in TV, to fleshing out a comedic routine.

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