Tik Tok Comedians vs. Mimics and Standing By Friends When Allegations Fly

August 4, 2020

Frank, John Holmberg (@98KUPD) and producer Dick Toledo (@DickToledo) head to the Caliendo bunker studio this week to talk about the potential banning of Tik Tok in the U.S. and whether some of the app's most famous users are actually comedians doing original content or mimics grandstanding on other people's work. Plus, they talk about standing by a friend and believing them when that friend is under fire from serious allegations from more than two decades ago and how to deal with that when said friend is former CaliendoCast guest Bryan Callen. This week also sees the return of young intern Shaun Salehi (@ShaunSalehi) and comedian Scott Long (@ScottComedy) zoom's in to save the show!